Personal Healing Journey


Personal Healing Journey

Helping resourceful, capable difference makers heal your relationship with yourself so you can

Make a bigger difference in the world;
Have deeper connections and really thrive.

Does this sound like you?

You are a resourceful, capable person. You may have had success in certain areas of life, you may tend to be a high achiever and maybe even a perfectionist. On the outside things look pretty good…

But on the inside life isn’t quite where you want it to be. It may be that:

  • You’re not truly fulfilled at work or in your business
  • Your relationships may not be quite as deep or connected or fulfilling as you would like them to be
  • You may sometimes feel lonely, even when you’re around other people
  • You may struggle with overwhelming emotions
  • It may be hard for you to let go and trust other people and allow yourself to receive and be supported by others
  • It may be hard for you to allow yourself to have wants, or allow yourself to have what you want
  • Deep, deep down, underneath it all you may feel unworthy, undeserving, unlovable or otherwise not enough

This journey is for people who have a long-standing, recurring issue or pattern that they haven’t been able to heal/fix/solve.

AND, this journey is about more than that – it’s about healing the fundamental relationship with yourself,

healing your relationship with your childhood experiences, clearing long-held emotional pain,

letting go of the subconscious vows of love & loyalty to your parents and others

so you can transform this issue, and potentially your life.

This journey is about helping you let go of whatever is getting in your way, so you can finally allow yourself to be happy and well, in the ways you are wanting.

When you can change your fundamental relationship with yourself, you can start to allow and welcome in all the other things you want falling into place.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
– Marianne Williamson

The 134 Matchsticks Method – Your Personal Healing Journey begins here

During your Personal Healing Journey, you will:

  • Release and heal deeply held emotions that have been stuck in your system
  • Release the root cause of the subconscious beliefs that have been underpinning your identity
  • Understand and appreciate the reasons you have been creating your life experiences in the ways you have up until now, and gain deeper appreciation and rapport with yourself
  • Make peace with your past experiences and be able to let them go so you can move forward in your life
  • Release family love and loyalty that has been keeping you stuck
  • Uncover a deep, natural confidence
  • Become more aligned with your authentic self and what you are so deeply desiring in your life so that you don’t have to remember to be different – you just naturally are different, more aligned and authentic

“I can honestly say working with Kim has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. I found that every aspect of my life had improved significantly. Kim helped me to identify and release any limiting or negative beliefs that were holding me back, and focus all of my energies on the positive.

I feel motivated, determined, and able to see my exciting, sparkling future path. I feel confident that I now have the tools to deal with any negative energy or limiting thoughts that enter my life, and I can truly say I have never felt more positive in my life.

I would highly recommend this program. Kim is intuitive, calming and inspiring, and able to tailor a program that suits each individual. Each day I feel inspired and grateful for the smallest things, I feel totally connected and present and equipped to handle anything.”

-Verity Hayward


Your 6 step Personal Healing Journey overview

1. The WAY forward

Before you begin any journey, you need to know where you are going. In this step we explore what you would like to create and the future you would like to be stepping into and creating life from. We get really clear on what you are wanting – the clearer you are, the better the outcome. This is starting to step into the beautiful, inspiring vision of your deeply desired relationship/business/life.

2. Un-WIND

Together, we will then un-wind the core wounding and clearly acknowledge the wounded centre you have been creating life from up until this point. This involves releasing deeply held emotions that have been stuck and understanding the underlying stories and beliefs underpinning the identity you have been creating life from.

This is an important step as you cannot build a beautiful stable life on an unstable foundation of pain and hurt.

When you can really identity your core wounding, everything starts to make sense and the pieces fall into place as to why you have been doing life in the ways you have. There is a freedom and rapport that comes with really understanding yourself in this way.

3. WHY

We often think “It can wait until tomorrow” or “Maybe one day…”. But none of us know what tomorrow may bring, and life is too short to keep your gifts and talents locked inside you, or to live life alone.

This step is about acknowledging what this has cost you up until now and what this will continue to cost you if you do not change.

Until you find a deep enough reason and purpose to change that can overcome the long held love and loyalty your younger self has to your family, there is a risk of going back to how things have been.

4. Releasing the WAIVERS

There is a lot of loyalty we have to our parents and others in our family, and a lot of promises and vows we have made to ourselves and others – “I will never let myself get hurt like that again” or “It’s up to me to make my mum’s life better” or “I will never rely on a man” or…

These vows and promises keep you stuck and unable to move forward

When you make these vows and promises, it’s like waiving your freedom to create your own life. This step is about releasing and completing on these vows and promises so you can reclaim the freedom to create your life on your own terms.


There is meaning and purpose in our life experiences, and until you can really find the wisdom, you will be drawn back into wondering “Why did that happen?” and unable to let go.

Once you find the wisdom in your past experiences you can really let them go and be free to move on.


Once you have un-wound your core wounding, discovered an empowering WHY and purpose for changing, released and completed on the Waivers and discovered the wisdom from your past, it’s time to re-write your new identity and step into your new point of attraction.

Each of the previous steps helps to change your point of attraction, and it is this final step that really cements in your new identity and re-aligns your life to who you are now choosing to be in the world.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kim. She is patient, positive and most importantly, I felt secure and comfortable enough to think aloud without holding back.

When I first met Kim I was new to the city (and country!) and I felt like I was stuck in a whirlpool of wishes and wants with no sense of where I was and where I could go. A few sessions later I found myself surrounded by clear goals and more confidence in myself. I am now in a happier space, living my dream of a good work-life balance and creating my own business. Thanks Kim!” 

-Vriti Manaktala

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Program logistics and inclusions

Length of program: 5 months

Number and Length of sessions: 10 x individual one-on-one sessions; each session is approximately 90 – 120 minutes long.

Location: Sessions are held online via Zoom


  • 2 x Kinesiology sessions to assist with physical/nervous system integration to be used during the 5 months (sessions via Zoom or in person if in Melbourne)
  • Email support in between sessions during the 5 months

“Excellent results! I was able to identify the positive factors that make my life happy and enjoyable for both myself and my family.   Feeling very positive and focused every day. Definitely recommend these wonderful coaching sessions to everyone, if you need to have the positive energy in your life to focus on your goals and realise what you are looking for…these sessions are for you. You can’t be negative and have a positive life…and with the help of Kim you will be able to unravel the negative and focus on the positive and have a more enjoyable life. Thank you Kim!”

-Sylvia Tossoun

“I feel motivated and ready to handle any challenges that come my way. Kim has helped me to clarify and chase my goals. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking to take the “next step” in their life.”

-Kristie Norton

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Book your free 30 minute clarity call to see if this program is right for you