Family & Systemic Constellations

Let go of family patterns and outdated vows of loyalty. Be free to live your own life

Do you see yourself playing out patterns similar to your parents, your grandparents or others in your family?

Do you have patterns or areas of life that no matter what you do keep repeating or remain stuck or unable to change?

Kim Tiong constellations NLP Confidence-self-love

For example:

  • Pushing people away in relationships and/or in general when they get “too close”
  • Attracting the same types of people in relationships
  • Extreme meltdowns or rage
  • Sabotaging when things get “too good”
  • “Zero-ing” your life
    • Either making no money or making money and spending it all; or
    • Being able to have relationships or money but not both; or
    • Making a lot of money doing a job you dislike but not from doing something you love
  • Do some part of you feel broken or unlovable?

There are two things that keep you stuck in life:

  • Fear/safety -based patterning, and
  • Love and loyalty to your family of origin.

NLP helps with fear/safety-based patterning.

Family & Systemic Constellations helps you let go of the love and loyalty you carry to be just like others in your biological family. When you let go of having to carry your family’s pain, you can be free to create your life for yourself based on what you want, rather than live some carbon copy life of someone else in your family.

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Overview of a Constellation

A constellation is done for one specific client but facilitated using a group of unrelated people as representatives for the client’s family members.

The client comes with a challenge they would like a resolution to.

A group of people come together to hold space and if willing, volunteer to “represent” different roles within the family system.

The process reveals subconscious and often hidden dynamics –things that have been pushed under the carpet and “forgotten” about. When a family tries to “forget about” someone or something that has happened (e.g. someone is cast out, aborted, commits suicide, an unacknowledged tragedy occurs…), it creates imbalances within the system that subconsciously move through generations.

By revealing these hidden dynamics and openly acknowledging them, without any blame/shame or good/bad/right/wrong, the imbalances and entanglements can be resolved. The client can then let go of carrying the family pain and suffering, and have the opportunity to experience profound changes in their life.

Change is open and available to not just the client, but anyone there. People who are participating as representatives, or even just sitting and observing, may find they also get change in their lives.


Kim Tiong constellations NLP Confidence-self-love

Length of session: Each constellation is 90 – 120 minutes long.

There are also:

  • 1 x Pre-Consultation Consultation before booking the constellation to get an understanding of the current unwanted experience and confirm whether a constellation or NLP session is more appropriate for your situation
  • a Pre-Constellation Questionnaire which will be sent to you and MUST be completed at least 3 days PRIOR to the constellation, otherwise the constellation will not go ahead.
  • 1 x Pre-Consultation Consultation 20 minutes before the constellation to discuss the Pre-Constellation Questionnaire.

Location: Sessions are held via Zoom

Investment: Sessions are $275 per session

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What some past Family Constellations Clients have said:

Sooo grateful to Kim

“We have been lucky enough to have 2 family constellations with Kim for my son and daughter, both with anxiety and self-esteem issues.
My daughter attended both. My son had no inclination to attend and didn’t actually ask for a constellation. As a mother, I felt responsible and so went ahead with my son’s session anyway. 
After my son’s constellation I personally felt a tremendous weight being lifted from me, and somehow layers were peeled off me. My relationship with my son changed and I gave him more space to be himself; it was not my job to “fix” him.
My daughter also experienced shifts in her general well-being and self-esteem.
After her own constellation, the shift that happened the very next day was and still is amazing and continues to enrich all our lives. There have been many changes that on the face may seem small but put together it has been a huge transition.
My daughter is glowing from the inside out. Sooo grateful to Kim” 

– Jayne Hughes

I would highly recommend family constellations to anyone who have been struggling with finding their inner strength”

“I can still clearly recall the morning of my constellation being full of tears and emotions.
The biggest take away message for me was: “I have all the support, love and strength from my family and I am not alone”. 
I used to be someone who was really ashamed to tell anyone about any bad that happened in my life, even to close friends and family, but after my family constellation I’ve noticed I was able to start being vulnerable.
Initially it was not easy for me to open up, but by opening up and being vulnerable, I felt support, love and strength at a completely different level.
I really want to say ‘Thank you’ to Kim and I would highly recommend family constellations to anyone who is struggling with finding their inner strength.”

I haven’t actually had a constellation done for myself, but have attended others’ sessions and feel noticeably more free and confident.. Some might call that magic! 

I haven’t actually had a constellation done for myself, but having attended a couple of Kim’s constellations, I notice how very fluid and flexible I am becoming. A nice feeling after many years of working to break down defences and rigidity.
After one of the constellations, I had a huge release of grief. It was really intense and then it was gone.
What was stunning was the shift in others. I have seen marked shifts in friends and their children who have had constellations – more self-awareness, confidence and as though a weight has been lifted from them.
The space Kim creates for this work is very non-invasive and open which makes it easier to participate freely without fearing judgement. This depth of open space is rare, I find, and delightful to experience.
I feel noticeably more free and more confident immediately after each session, as though stuff has been cleared on levels outside my conscious experience. Some might call that magic! 

-Julia Townend

Ready to take the next step and create your life on your own terms?

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