Meet Kim Tiong

Creator of 134 Matchsticks Method – Personal Healing Journey

I know exactly what it’s like to feel alone, broken and unlovable

By the time I was in my late 20’s, I had ticked all the boxes I thought I was supposed to tick:

  • corporate career with 6-figure income
  • married
  • asset portfolio…

On the outside everything was “perfect” but on the inside I was miserable and dying.

I left my corporate career, my marriage and my hometown of Melbourne, and moved to Sydney to pursue my love of NLP and life coaching and thought “My life is finally going to start!”, and soon found myself:

  • alone, isolated and invisible
  • broke with no clients
  • in a relationship with a guy I adored but pushing him away with intense rage and meltdowns…

I was wondering, “What on earth is going on here?”

Over the next few years, I experienced:

  • more business and relationship “failure”
  • multiple “dark nights of the soul”
  • studied everything I could trying to “fix” myself and even travelled to USA to look for answers
  • had numerous sessions in both Australia and USA with many different practitioners of various modalities

And still nothing changed.

It was during yet personal development/healing workshop one of my teachers looked at me and said,
“When will you allow yourself to let this go?”

I finally realised I was doing this to myself.
I was doing everything I could to sabotage my life out of love and loyalty to my parents.

As a child I had promised myself,

“I will not be happy in life, I will not let anyone in until my parents can prove that they wanted me when I was in the womb.
I will be broken, unlovable, alone and wrong until they prove to me how valuable I am.”

Needless to say this was unworkable.

I finally made the decision to allow myself to let go of my pain and move on, I also allowed myself to ask for and receive help (life is a team effort and none of us can do it alone – I did try at one point and ended up in a mental ward for 2 weeks…).

I took action and:

  • sought out my NLP teacher and mentor
  • I also brought together the best of the tools I had learned from family constellations, NLP and many other healing modalities and teachers

and finally allowed myself to:

  • identify and release my true core wounding (I thought I had done this many times before, but turns out I was better at sabotaging myself than I thought..)
  • re-wire my brain
  • change my identity and point of attraction

to finally allow myself to move forward and create my life on my own terms.

Following this, I:

  • attracted in a relationship with the man of my dreams
  • changed my wealth imprint and how much love I allowed myself to receive
  • attracted clients
  • realised I had let down my walls and people around me were responding differently

And the best part was I was able to sustain all of this and more, without sabotaging it all.
After years of isolating myself, I found my life full of connection and love.

You can have the same…

Gain the freedom to attract and create your life on your own terms

(whatever that may be) and to really thrive.

As a result of turning my life around, I have combined the most effective tools that helped me transform my own life to help others do the same.

I now use this method to help others just like you to do the same:

  • guide you through your own personal healing journey
  • let go of the patterning keeping you stuck
  • heal and let go of the long held stuck emotions and deep wounding and hurt
  • complete on old vows of loyalty to your parents, family of origin and yourself
  • identify the unhelpful beliefs that form the basis of your identity and change these to support what you want to create in your life

and live your purpose and make a bigger difference in the world; have deeper connections and really thrive.

Here is what a selection of past clients have said:

Personal Healing Journeys

“I can honestly say working with Kim has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. I found that every aspect of my life had improved significantly. Kim helped me to identify and release any limiting or negative beliefs that were holding me back, and focus all of my energies on the positive. I feel motivated, determined, and able to see my exciting, sparkling future path. I feel confident that I now have the tools to deal with any negative energy or limiting thoughts that enter my life, and I can truly say I have never felt more positive in my life. I would highly recommend this program. Kim is intuitive, calming and inspiring, and able to tailor a program that suits each individual. Each day I feel inspired and grateful for the smallest things, I feel totally connected and present and equipped to handle anything.”

-Verity Hayward

“I have known Kim for a long time and over these years Kim has worked with myself, friends and clients. Kim is a dedicated professional with passion to help improve all aspects of people’s life, mental state, business direction and motivation. She is a person who takes time to chat with the client about their individual goals, professional aspirations and personal needs. Kim will ‘go the extra mile’ to provide an outstanding result at any level. I highly recommend Kim if you want your life or business back on track!

-Wendy Smith, Postural Alignment Specialist

“Kim shared a telephone session with me to help focus on the positive influences I have on my business. Through the session I found Kim’s calming manner and expertise allowed me to thoroughly relax. This has resulted in a more optimistic mindset which allows me to turn previous negative talk into positive actions and left me with a positive focus on what I need to do to succeed.

-Debbie Eglin

“That one evening I attended made such a difference to me. I trust more people and I have moved on to the point where I have a new girlfriend. My work is now full time and I am still loving Sydney. I guess its the nature of your business, as is mine as a caring professional, that your successes move on with their lives – but again thank you for your ability to reach out and allow me to solve one imponderable that was holding me back.”

-Bob Jarman

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kim. She is patient, positive and most importantly, I felt secure and comfortable enough to think aloud without holding back.

When I first met Kim I was new to the city (and country!) and I felt like I was stuck in a whirlpool of wishes and wants with no sense of where I was and where I could go. A few sessions later I found myself surrounded by clear goals and more confidence in myself. I am now in a happier space, living my dream of a good work-life balance and creating my own business. Thanks Kim!” 

-Vriti Manaktala

“Excellent results! I was able to identify the positive factors that make my life happy and enjoyable for both myself and my family.   Feeling very positive and focused every day. Definitely recommend these wonderful coaching sessions to everyone, if you need to have the positive energy in your life to focus on your goals and realise what you are looking for…these sessions are for you. You can’t be negative and have a positive life…and with the help of Kim you will be able to unravel the negative and focus on the positive and have a more enjoyable life. Thank you Kim!”

-Sylvia Tossoun

“I feel motivated and ready to handle any challenges that come my way. Kim has helped me to clarify and chase my goals. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking to take the “next step” in their life.”

-Kristie Norton

Family Constellations

Sooo grateful to Kim

“We have been lucky enough to have 2 family constellations with Kim for my son and daughter, both with anxiety and self-esteem issues.
My daughter attended both. My son had no inclination to attend and didn’t actually ask for a constellation. As a mother, I felt responsible and so went ahead with my son’s session anyway. 
After my son’s constellation I personally felt a tremendous weight being lifted from me, and somehow layers were peeled off me. My relationship with my son changed and I gave him more space to be himself; it was not my job to “fix” him.
My daughter also experienced shifts in her general well-being and self-esteem.
After her own constellation, the shift that happened the very next day was and still is amazing and continues to enrich all our lives. There have been many changes that on the face may seem small but put together it has been a huge transition.
My daughter is glowing from the inside out. Sooo grateful to Kim” 

– Jayne Hughes

I would highly recommend family constellations to anyone who have been struggling with finding their inner strength”

“I can still clearly recall the morning of my constellation being full of tears and emotions.
The biggest take away message for me was: “I have all the support, love and strength from my family and I am not alone”. 
I used to be someone who was really ashamed to tell anyone about any bad that happened in my life, even to close friends and family, but after my family constellation I’ve noticed I was able to start being vulnerable.
Initially it was not easy for me to open up, but by opening up and being vulnerable, I felt support, love and strength at a completely different level.
I really want to say ‘Thank you’ to Kim and I would highly recommend family constellations to anyone who is struggling with finding their inner strength.”

I haven’t actually had a constellation done for myself, but have attended others’ sessions and feel noticeably more free and confident.. Some might call that magic! 

I haven’t actually had a constellation done for myself, but having attended a couple of Kim’s constellations, I notice how very fluid and flexible I am becoming. A nice feeling after many years of working to break down defences and rigidity.
After one of the constellations, I had a huge release of grief. It was really intense and then it was gone.
What was stunning was the shift in others. I have seen marked shifts in friends and their children who have had constellations – more self-awareness, confidence and as though a weight has been lifted from them.
The space Kim creates for this work is very non-invasive and open which makes it easier to participate freely without fearing judgement. This depth of open space is rare, I find, and delightful to experience.
I feel noticeably more free and more confident immediately after each session, as though stuff has been cleared on levels outside my conscious experience. Some might call that magic! 

-Julia Townend

Group Workshops

“In the short space of an hour and a half we went deeper than I thought possible and reached real reflections and insights in a safe and supported environment”


“Kim is unexpectedly insightful into ways of addressing unconscious thoughts and feelings about ourselves. The group session was amazingly freeing and refreshing. Thank you for allowing me to feel safe and share.”

-Tara Wilson

“Kim is such a beautiful and nurturing soul – I love the way she is completely open about her own story and what brought her to her passion. I enjoyed the day immensely and thank her for sharing her work with me”

-Georgie Jhet

Kim Tiong is a Master NLP practitioner, Family Constellation practitioner, and certified Life Coach.

Many of her clients describe working with her as a journey of self-discovery. Some of her clients have experienced results ranging from lacking clarity and direction to presenting at international conferences in their industry; from being miserable and unfulfilled to setting up a business they love; from being isolated & alone to attracting the relationship of their dreams; from living from paycheck to paycheck to saving a deposit and buying a home.

Kim started her career in professional services and has worked with some of the most reputable firms in the industry, including Deloitte, BDO & Grant Thornton. She has been invited to speak at conferences and events by organisations such as Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (formerly the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia), the Australian Institute of Management, Sydney’s Professional Development Forum and the Warringah Chamber of Commerce.

Kim’s qualifications and certifications include:

  • Master NLP Practitioner – NLP Marin, USA
  • Family Constellation Practitioner – NLP Marin, USA
  • Holographic NLP – NLP Marin, USA
  • Coaching Certification – Authentic Education, Australia
  • Theta Healing – Mark Anthony, Australia
  • Time-Line Therapy – Your Future Now, Australia
  • Hypnotherapy – Your Future Now, Australia
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development
  • Accredited facilitator of the Team Management Profile

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