Helping resourceful, capable difference makers live your purpose and make a bigger difference in the world;

have deeper connections and really thrive.

Ways I can help you…

Kim Tiong constellations NLP Confidence-self-love
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) – let go of outdated patterns

One-off NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) session
– let go of outdated fear-based patterns

Kim Tiong constellations NLP Confidence-self-love
Constellations – let go of family patterns keeping you stuck

One-off Constellation
– let go of family loyalty

Hello & Welcome!

134 Matchsticks is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Constellation-based coaching business, specialising in helping heart-centred difference maker solopreneurs just like you, to change your relationship with yourself, to enable you to live your purpose and make a bigger difference in the world; have deeper connections and really thrive.

I’m Kim Tiong, the Founder of 134 Matchsticks. I love what I do, love the life I have created. But this hasn’t always been the case…

We may have similar backstories. You may have been in the corporate world; you may have made a lot of money doing something that was unfulfilling, and then lost or spent a lot of money on personal development trying to “fix yourself”. You may have been married or in a relationship with a wonderful person but couldn’t appreciate or receive their love and so pushed them away. You may have had career changes and/or set up your business but it’s not quite taking off yet. You may have moved cities and even countries. You may have isolated yourself and pushed people away. You may have experienced depression or anxiety.

I have experienced all this and more. I even had a 2 week stint in a mental ward after trying to “fix myself” by myself went horribly wrong.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel alone, broken and unlovable and to even hate myself. I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve tried everything and your life is STILL not working.

AND, I also know what it’s like to change and turn your life around. I know what it’s like to finally let go; to heal and grieve old identities, old ways of being and to let go of old love and loyalty to your younger self and family. To finally allow yourself to be happy and well and let in the things you so desperately want, but have spent so long pushing so hard and fighting against.

I am a Master NLP practitioner, Family Constellation practitioner, and certified Life Coach.

My clients consistently say they feel very safe and free to explore and be themselves, without feeling judged.

A selection of my qualifications and certifications include:

  • Master NLP Practitioner – NLP Marin, USA
  • Family Constellation Practitioner – NLP Marin, USA
  • Holographic NLP – NLP Marin, USA
  • Coaching Certification – Authentic Education, Australia
  • Theta Healing – Mark Anthony, Australia
  • Time-Line Therapy – Your Future Now, Australia
  • Hypnotherapy – Your Future Now, Australia

Why Choose Kim Tiong?

Ultimately you need to choose the right practitioner for you.

If you are here and have read this far, there may be something that is resonating for you.

Based on my past clients, if you are here you are probably wanting either:

  • to get a breakthrough in your heart-centred business and be successful and thriving; or
  • to attract the relationship you so deeply desire – one full of deep connection with a conscious person who is also into personal growth and development (and to stop attracting people who are unavailable or otherwise not right); or
  • more money so you can have more freedom and choice in your life; or
  • deeper connections so you feel less alone and isolated and life can have more meaning; or
  • to help more people and make a bigger difference in the world and ultimately fulfill your potential and purpose for this life

Does this resonate?

A selection of my client results include:

  • lacking clarity and direction to presenting at international conferences in their industry
  • reaching 6 figure income months for a yoga studio
  • being miserable and unfulfilled to setting up a business they love
  • being isolated & alone to attracting the relationship of their dreams
  • living from paycheck to paycheck to saving a deposit and buying a home
  • a teenager lacking confidence and isolating themselves to becoming naturally confident and attracting a relationship and more friends

Some other things that may be helpful to know:

  • I appreciate and work with the whole of a person – the different identities that have developed at different ages and stages of development; the role of emotions and stories that form beliefs and the core of an identity; family systemic loyalties and loyalties to younger versions of yourself;
  • I am spiritual and yet straight forward and practical, having started my career as an external auditor in an accounting firm;
  • We may have similar backstories (you can read more about my story above or here). I know from experience it helps having someone that understands you and your experiences

But again, ultimately you need to choose the right practitioner for you.
And only you can answer whether that’s me or not.

Does this resonate?

Wanting to make a bigger difference in the world,
have deeper connections and really thrive?

Curious to know how we might work together? Let’s find out!

What’s with the Matchsticks?

The name 134 Matchsticks is based on the idea that we are responsible for creating our life experience.

We are bombarded by millions of bits of information every second but we can only process 134 bits (the number changes based on different research, but stick with me…).

So it’s like millions of matchsticks falling on your head but you can only grab a handful of 134.

That 134 matchsticks you grab make up your experience in that moment; whatever you focus on grows, whether you choose to focus on the positive or negative, whether you choose to be empowered or not.

Whether we take responsibility for our lives or not, we always have a choice.

Here is what some past clients have said:

“I can honestly say working with Kim has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. I found that every aspect of my life had improved significantly. Kim helped me to identify and release any limiting or negative beliefs that were holding me back, and focus all of my energies on the positive. I feel motivated, determined, and able to see my exciting, sparkling future path. I feel confident that I now have the tools to deal with any negative energy or limiting thoughts that enter my life, and I can truly say I have never felt more positive in my life. I would highly recommend this program. Kim is intuitive, calming and inspiring, and able to tailor a program that suits each individual. Each day I feel inspired and grateful for the smallest things, I feel totally connected and present and equipped to handle anything.”

-Verity Hayward

“That one evening I attended made such a difference to me. I trust more people and I have moved on to the point where I have a new girlfriend. My work is now full time and I am still loving Sydney. I guess its the nature of your business, as is mine as a caring professional, that your successes move on with their lives – but again thank you for your ability to reach out and allow me to solve one imponderable that was holding me back.”

-Bob Jarman

“We have been lucky enough to have 2 family constellations with Kim for my son and daughter, both with anxiety and self-esteem issues.
My daughter attended both. My son had no inclination to attend and didn’t actually ask for a constellation. As a mother, I felt responsible and so went ahead with my son’s session anyway. 
After my son’s constellation I personally felt a tremendous weight being lifted from me, and somehow layers were peeled off me. My relationship with my son changed and I gave him more space to be himself; it was not my job to “fix” him.
My daughter also experienced shifts in her general well-being and self-esteem.
After her own constellation, the shift that happened the very next day was and still is amazing and continues to enrich all our lives. There have been many changes that on the face may seem small but put together it has been a huge transition.
My daughter is glowing from the inside out. Sooo grateful to Kim” 

– Jayne Hughes

“In the short space of an hour and a half we went deeper than I thought possible and reached real reflections and insights in a safe and supported environment”


“Kim is unexpectedly insightful into ways of addressing unconscious thoughts and feelings about ourselves. The group session was amazingly freeing and refreshing. Thank you for allowing me to feel safe and share.”

-Tara Wilson

“Kim is such a beautiful and nurturing soul – I love the way she is completely open about her own story and what brought her to her passion. I enjoyed the day immensely and thank her for sharing her work with me”

-Georgie Jhet

Does this resonate?

If you are a heart-centred difference maker who is choosing to take responsibility for your life,
let’s explore how we might work together to help you make a bigger difference in the world,
have deeper connections and really thrive.